Human Metabolome Technologies (HMT) Giving Drug Discovery the Metabolomic Advantage

Found within any biological sample of living organisms, metabolomes are sets of small-molecule metabolites, produced as a result of physiological processes. Metabolomes can offer unparalleled insights into the interactions between different
chemical components and their role in various physiological functions. Apart from traditional diagnosis, metabolic profiling of
biological samples in drug discovery and development help healthcare companies and researchers understand the mechanism of action, surrogate markers, and toxicity of potential drug candidates. Eliminating the potential toxic drug candidates before a clinical trial begins assists customers in saving billions of dollars. The critical application of this field of study has also seen a surge in metabolomics platform providers. Currently, the European market is on the verge of this tectonic shift that is redefining the traditional biomarker discovery and drug development processes through collaboration between pharmaceutical, academic, healthcare companies, and metabolomic platform providers.

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