Flux Analysis

One key to understanding cellular metabolomics lies in the ability to accurately determine the specific metabolic pathways that are employed. The use of isotopically labeled substrates allows for the tracing of metabolites and the elucidation of active metabolic pathways.

Precise metabolite tracking and pathway discovery

C13 isotope analyses are a very useful tool for following the fates of nutrients inside the cell. In vitro experiments are easy to perform and can yield valuable insights. The push towards in vivo C13 labeling will allow researchers to confirm the cells preferred metabolic pathways and better understand druggable targets.

HMT is committed to providing our unique C13 analyses for cultured cells, as well as, in the in vivo setting.

With F-Scope you can:

  • Use C13 substrates to determine nutrient processing
  • Uncover novel mechanisms for cell survival or apoptosis
  • Uncover novel metabolic pathways



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