Targeted Assays

Central metabolism, which includes bioenergetics and protein / nucleotide turnover is involved in most cellular systems, and therefore is regarded as core to understanding systems biology. Recent research has revealed the importance of primary metabolism in several areas including oncology, stem cell biology, bioprocessing etc.

Targeted Assays

By using our high sensitivity CE-MS technology, we provide accurate measurements of central metabolism with absolute quantitation.

The analysis report includes multivariate analysis, metabolic pathway mapping and absolute quantitation based biochemical parameters, which enable the easy monitoring of intracellular metabolic status. Our technology is central to the elucidation of metabolic based drug mechanisms of action.

C-SCOPE / CARCINOSCOPE – Absolute Quantitative Analysis of Energy Metabolism

Central metabolism, which includes sugars, amino acids, nucleotides and lipids, is involved in the many metabolic systems including bioenergetics, stress response and turnover of cellular components such as protein and nucleic acids.
Our unique CE-MS technology is the only platform to provide accurate measurement for such intracellular intermediates. With absolute quantitation of 116 target metabolites engaged in central metabolism, we will provide basic biochemical parameters which enable researchers to better understand cellular status such as bioenergetics, oxidative stress, mitochondrial function etc.
This package is a high-value tool for the investigation of metabolism of cancer and other metabolic diseases.

List of 116 targeted metabolites

  • 116 target metabolites involved in sugar, protein, DNA/RNA and lipid metabolism View PDF 
  • 30 biochemical parameters monitoring intracellular status View PDF 
  • Absolute quantitation with pathway mapping and multivalent analyses

F-SCOPE– 13C Isotope Labeling Analysis

The determination of metabolic flux is a critical component of metabolism research, however, in the past it has been difficult extracting meaningful data due to lags in technology development.
HMT provides quantitative isotopic studies using CE-MS technology for a deeper understanding of intracellular metabolic flux.
By using multiple labeled substrates, such as glucose or glutamine, we can effectively provide a clear picture of central energy metabolism.
Together with our experiences in medical and healthcare research, this package is your first step for the estimation of metabolic flux.

List of F-Scope targeted metabolites

  • 54 target metabolite involved in glycolysis, TCA cycle, PPP and amino acid turnover PDF
  • Absolute quantitation and distribution of labeled isotopmers
  • Assist of study design and data interpretation
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