Dermo-metabolomics is a process whereby we measure metabolites and lipids in the epidermis and dermis or measuring metabolites in cosmetic and beauty products.

Dermo-metabolomics can be applied anywhere along the value chain and be informative for both the cosmetic industry and health industry.

Dermatology - Cosmetics & Skin Care

Metabolomic profiles provide information on:

  • Probiotics (bacterial metabolites, hydroxy acids)
  • Cosmetic products (antioxidants, emollients)
  • Health industry (inflammatory pathways, cellular stress)

In HMT’s new eBook on Dermo Metabolomics

  • Learn about the Integumentary System – the structure and function of healthy epidermis and dermis
  • Discover what happens with Aging and Damaged Skin
  • Observe the benefits of applying molecular analysis to the cosmetic and beauty industry
  • How health providers can improve standard of care by skin testing
  • See how Dermo-metabolomics applies to Odor and Breath analysis

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