Boston, Mass. – October 1, 2015 – Human Metabolome Technologies Inc. (HMT) has agreed to a licensing agreement with Sysmex Corporation (TSE; 6869, Hisashi Ietsugu- Chairman & CEO; Kobe-City, Hyogo Pref. JAPAN) regarding HMT’s patent for a blood
biomarker for Depressive Disorder. HMT has researched and developed a blood biomarker (Phosphoethanolamine – PEA) for Depressive Disorder in cooperation with National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry (NCNP) and GYOKIKAI Medical Corporation (Director Noriyuki Kawamura MD; Tokyo, JAPAN). HMT has registered patents in Japan, USA, and China covering this discovery. HMT and Sysmex have signed a contract for the
collaborative research and development of a test kit which will measure the concentration of the patented MDD biomarker (PEA) using an enzymatic method developed and issued by HMT in August 2013. Under the cooperative research and development licensing agreement, HMT has given approval to Sysmex to utilize our patent license of the specified MDD biomarker PEA for clinical development.