Sample type
Required volume*2
Blood, Body fluids Plasma, Serum, Urine, CSF, fecal extract etc. 50 ~ 500 µL Frozen and shipped
Animal tissue Liver, Brain, Adipocytes, Muscle, Nerve, vessel etc. 30 ~ 100 mg
Plant tissue Leaf, Fruit, Loot, Alga
Culture cells*1 Culture / Primary cell line,
Hemocyte, Sorted cells
2 ~ 5 x 106 cells Extracted in your Lab
(or frozen and shipped)
Microorganism*1 Bacteria, Yeast, Fungus,
Microbiome etc.
1 ~ 10 x 108 cells
5 ~ 20 OD600 x mL
Medium etc. Culture medium, Beverage etc. 50 ~ 100 mL Frozen and shipped
Others Food, Soil, Insect etc. Solids: ~ 500 mg
Liquids: ~ 1,000 µL
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  • *1 LC-MS analysis (Dual Scan) can not be applicable for these sample types.
  • *2 Requires sample volume might be changed depending on analysis plan and study condition.
  • *3 Samples will be shipped to HMT America office in Boston from United States. If you are non-US researcher, please contact us.