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OMEGA Scan – Ultrasensitive Global Profiling (CE + LC)

OMEGA Scan makes use of CE-MS, but utilizes our more sensitive FTMS mass spectrometer, which more than doubles the number of metabolites reported in Basic Scan and boasts improved sensitivity and dynamic range. OMEGA Scan can also be used in conjunction with any lipidomics method (OMEGA LC, Basic LC or MSCAN).

OMEGA-LC is the right companion to OMEGA-Scan providing LC-MS untargeted coverage of hydrophobic (lipid) metabolites. Using the same ultrasensitive FTMS as in OMEGA Scan, OMEGA-LC uses lipid extraction and affinity selection to provide hundreds of lipid-like metabolites, phytochemicals and xenobiotics.  Affinity selection removes large diacyl and triacyl glycerides to facilitate a deeper look into the lipidome.

Quantitation Options

Aside from Basic Scan and OMEGA Scan having more than one lipid option, one may also choose one of two quantitative platforms: Q110 or Q353.  The Q110 is a list of 110 metabolites for which quantitative measurements will be provided along with the untargeted list of metabolites from Basic Scan or OMEGA Scan.  This list contains amino acids, nucleic acids, antioxidants, glycolytic intermediates, and other polar metabolites. The Q110 is provided with each Basic and OMEGA Scan data set. The Q353 is an extended list of 353 metabolites, that includes middle chain fatty acids, neurotransmitters and more. The Q110 list is provided with each CE-MS data set while the Q353 is an additional fee. These quantitative panels can be customized to the client’s needs and requests.

Novel Metabolite Discovery

Another option for Global profiling is the provision of raw data; data that includes unannotated features and metabolites with unvalidated identifications. For the Basic Scan this data is referred to as PRTGa data, while for OMEGA Scan this data is referred to as the Advanced Scan option. The PRTGa and Advanced options include comparisons to our unique peptide library. Our OMEGA-SEARCH option leads clients through a process of novel metabolite identification and validation.

Combination provides ultimate coverage

Our optimum platform for Global Profiling is OMEGA2-353, a combination of OMEGA Scan with Q353 and OMEGA-LC. This service, especially with the advanced option, delivers up to 1000 or more metabolites for biomarker discovery and broad metabolite profiling of both polar and lipid metabolomic space.

These packages are useful for researchers in a variety of areas and sample types by providing high resolution data and comprehensive solutions:

  • OMEGA2-353 global untargeted measurements uses our polar and lipid libraries, and can include unannotated and tentatively assigned metabolites.
  • Multiple lipid options include OMEGA-LC, Basic-LC and MSCAN.
  • Quantitative data using either Q110 or Q353 preselected panels that can be customized with clients’ metabolites of interest.
  • Data reports include pathway mapping, PCA, HCA, statistical analysis, and biological interpretation.
  • Interpretations can include RNA sequencing, 16s sequencing, metagenomic sequencing, cytokine/chemokine measurements, clinical phenotypes and/or drug regime – comorbidities and more.
  • OMEGA Search provides pipeline of activities to identify and validate new metabolite discovery.
  • These platforms are suitable for a variety of research areas including medical, agriculture, bioprocessing, microbiome, cancer, skincare, cellular agriculture and more.

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