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HMT and Toyobo and MDD

HMT and Toyobo have established production of Ethanolaminephosphate phospho-lyase for clinical assay relating Major Depression Disorder (MDD).

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HMT signed a Licensing Agreement with Sysmex Corporation for Biomarker Kit for Depressive Disorder

HMT has researched and developed a blood
biomarker for Depressive Disorder in cooperation with
National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry and GYOKIKAI Medical Corporation.

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HMT hires Alexander Buko Ph.D. as Vice President

HMT hires Alexander Buko Ph.D. as Vice
President, Business and Product Development and releases a new C13 flux analysis service, F-SCOPE.

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HMT Expands to U.S.

Proximity to world‐class institutions and pharmaceutical companies for cancer and biomarker research makes Cambridge the top choice for HMT.

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