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Delivering the highest quality metabolomics data to meet the challenges of today.


Metabolomics provides a fundamental basis for understanding biology and biochemical change. HMT has been a major contributor to the study of a wide range of applications and study across industry and academia for over 15 years.


One of the keys to our success is creating a collaborative partnership with our clients, understanding their goals and delivering with innovative and accurate metabolic profiling data.

HMT leverages our experience, expertise, and technologies to advance the forefront of metabolomics and science.

HMT Metabolomics

HMT Metabolomics offers new opportunities in metabolite identification and biomarker discovery to provide pathological understanding of complex diseases beyond traditional technologies for patient stratification, disease progression, or drug development.

HMT Biomarker Services

The need to be proactive includes involvement from early-stage discovery along with breakthrough therapies and technology. Let HMT partner with you to provide deep-dive metabolomics profiling for your clinical and pre-clinical applications.

HMT Technology

The discovery of novel metabolites is now possible when probing the metabolome with our next generation, high resolution technology.

Applications in Metabolomics

HMT Advantages: Our Innovation into Novel Technologies, Imagination to Discover New Pathways, Knowledge Linking Data to Solutions, and Collaboration and Partnerships.

Overview of Services

  • Study design
  • Sample preparation and shipping
  • Extraction of metabolites
  • Measurements / Statistical analysis
  • Reporting (4 – 8 weeks)
  • Biological interpretation

Our study reports include not only raw data but also supportive information assisting your understanding of observed metabolic changes. Further, experienced biochemist will support data interpretation by follow up discussions.

Global Profiling

Metabolomics, a comprehensive analysis of small molecular compounds in biological samples, is a powerful tool because almost all biological phenomena result in changes in an organismal or cellular metabolic state. However, grasping global changes in metabolism is not easy because it requires the precise measurement of these compounds with a variety of physical and chemical properties.

Targeted Assays

Central metabolism, which includes bioenergetics and protein / nucleotide turnover is involved in most cellular systems, and therefore is regarded as core to understanding systems biology. Recent research has revealed the importance of primary metabolism in several areas including oncology, stem cell biology, bioprocessing etc.

Flux Analysis

One key to understanding cellular metabolomics lies in the ability to accurately determine the specific metabolic pathways that are employed. The use of isotopically labeled substrates allows for the tracing of metabolites and the elucidation of active metabolic pathways.


Divide and Conquer for Optimum Coverage


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